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Nitin Gadkari posted an incorrect image claiming it as Delhi-Mumbai Expressway project and deleted it later !


Construction of Delhi – Mumbai 8 lane project at record speed.

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Social media users are sharing posts with 2 images regarding Delhi – Mumbai 8-lane project by the Indian National Highways Department.

The posts contain the information as follows. “Construction of Mumbai – Delhi 8-lane project worth 90,000 crores at record speed. This infrastructure project is to play a major role in the Country’s economic growth. This 1290 km 8-lane project reduces the travelling time from 8 to 10 hours compared to the time taken in the existing 1415 km 6-lane highway. The project is aimed to complete at a speed of 37.5 km per day which is India’s high-speed construction road.

This ‘Greenfield Corridors’ project is majorly concerned about the environment, wildlife crossing structures, carbon emission control. Flyovers and tunnels are built after planting saplings in lakhs. This project is the first in Asia to build tunnels that do not disturb the wild animals seeking to cross a road. Please dig in more to know about the project”.

What is the truth?

There are news articles related to the 1 lakh crore worth of Expressway project from India’s capital Delhi to Mumbai.

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The viral pictures were posted in Minister of Roads and Transport of India, Nitin Gadkari’s official Twitter account on 20th July which was removed later.

First Image

It only took us a ‘reverse image search to find that the image that claims to be ‘Interchange near Ankleshwar’ is 6-lane 165 km Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida to Agra.

Second Image

When the image mentioning ‘Bridge constructed over Narmada River, Bharuch’ is reverse searched, it resulted in ‘StrucCore’ article dated July 2016. It has published the image with the title “Being built on the Narmada River, India’s longest cable bridge, will be launched soon”.

The longest cable bridge on the Narmada River was constructed and inaugurated a few years back. In 2018, a Youtube channel named ‘Transforming India’ has posted a video about the Narmada bridge.


From our search, we found that the viral images were not of Delhi-Mumbai expressway project but is an image of existing Yamuna expressway. Gujarat Narmada River cable bridge remains open to the public since a few years back, which is now spread as an image of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway. Minister Nitin Gadkari has removed both of these images later.

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