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Viral video showing that the culprit in Delhi CAA riot arrested in Gujarat ?


Catching the culprit involved in the Delhi riots: Siraj Mohammad Anwar, who played a key role in the riots against the CAA in Delhi. He went into hiding without being caught by the police. Now he was found hiding in the Bharuch area of Gujarat. The intelligence police detained him in a restaurant.

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A 2.20-minute CCTV video claiming that Siraj Mohammad Anwar, who was involved in the Delhi CAA riots was in hideout He has been arrested by intelligence officials in Gujarat and this video is viral on social media.

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Kalyan, who is a former Trade Union Wing’s Chief Secretary of BJP party posted this video on his twitter handle @BjpKalyaan. However, the video in the tweet was deleted. Therefore, we decided to explore its authenticity.

Factcheck :

While searching for a viral video of police arresting a man at a restaurant, a similar CCTV video was released on July 1, 2021, showing that Gujarat police had made a cinematic arrest.

According to the report, police have arrested Kishore Luhar, a wanted criminal in 14 cases of robbery and rape, and his three accomplices at a restaurant in Amarpura village in Saraswati taluka of Gujarat’s Pathan district. The offender also had a handgun. Kishore Luhar was involved in several criminal activities in Ahmedabad and Rajasthan. This CCTV footage which was recorded on June 27,2021 during the police arrest is going viral now.


While the social media posts of this viral video projects that the man was arrested in the Bharuch area of Gujarat , this restaurant is actually located in Amarpura village of Ahmedabad.

While searching for other arrests in the Bharuch area, The Indian Express reported on June 30, “Local crime branch officials have arrested Siraj Mansoor Alam Ansari in possession of two handguns in Baruch, Gujarat. The arrested person is a resident of Bihar state residing in Pitampura area. According to Police Inspector JN Jala, during the preliminary investigation, the accused confessed to bringing weapons from his hometown to sell.

Conclusion :

Based on our search, the video, which went viral as a scene of a Delhi rioter being caught in Gujarat, was misleading. It was not an arrest operation related to the Delhi riots. The person arrested in the video is Kishore Luhar who is wanted in several criminal cases in Gujarat.

Next, Siraj Mansoor Ansari, a native of Bihar, was arrested in the Baruch area of Gujarat. The police investigation has revealed that he tried to sell two handguns.

In both cases, It is learned that propaganda circulated linking police arrests in different parts of Gujarat and are in no way connected to Delhi riots.

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