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What is the reason behind the gang who break the toilets by chanting jai sree ram in UP?


A gang-breaking scene in Uttar Pradesh where no oppressed women are allowed to use the toilets, they have to go out in the open, what a horrible thing to do when they are killing and committing a misdemeanour by saying the name of the god!

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In Uttar Pradesh, Zakir Hussain Ansari shared that the right wing organization is demolishing the toilet of the downtrodden community women who are not allowed to use the toilet.

In the video, they are claiming to be chanting Jai Sree Ram when they demolished the closet. Followers are being asked about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

Uttar Pradesh, 700 km away in the Saharanpur region of the state of the bus stand, they built a public toilet in the near by a temple. In this regard angered right-wing supporters broke the toilet on January 20, where it is published on NDTV, Hindustan Times and January 21th release of the Times of India.

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A man who identified himself as a member of the All India Hindu Mahasabha has told the media why the toilet was demolished. “Two days ago our colleagues asked me to remove the toilet here. Here you can see the temple, which is 100 years old. People urinate on the temple wall. We gave the final warning. But, nothing happened. Therefore, we have taken this matter into our own hands, ” NDTV reported.

Pamela, the caretaker of the toilet complex, said, “This is a toilet complex that has been around for over 40 years. No one has complained about this before. It was recently refurbished. I told them if you see this toilet, do something for the overflow drain here. But, I was told that drainage is the responsibility of those who run the bus station. A lot of people are at the bus station. Where do they urinate? Now they will go out into the open. Is that right there is a drain between the toilet complex and the temple. ”

Saharanpur police have registered an FIR against eight persons for breaking into a recently renovated public toilet at a bus stand near a temple in Saharanpur. It is also reported that they chanted Jaisriram during the demolition of the closet.


In our search, the viral video was taken when right-wing activists demolished a renovated public toilet complex at a bus stand near a temple in the Saharanpur area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. It is true that they are chanting as Jaisreeram when the toilet is demolished.

However, no reports that they have broke toilets because of the oppressed women using this. The claiming that they have broke toilets because of the oppressed women using this is false. It is learned that a case has been registered against 8 persons for breaking the toilet.

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