Despite Pradeep Gupta’s weeping yesterday, the video that went viral comes from the 2022 state election.

Axis CEO Pradeep Gupta crying in a TV show is from 2022 and is falsely linked with the 2024 polls.


Why is Pradeep Gupta, who had shown Modi’s storm in the exit polls with great confidence, crying now?

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General elections were held in India in seven phases between April 19, 2024, and June 1, 2024. On June 4, yesterday, the vote counting results were announced.

In this instance, Axis My India predicted that the NDA would secure more than 400 seats in the Lok Sabha, so accomplishing the “Abki Baar 400 Paar” pledge made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the meantime, a 37-second clip featuring a live TV show featuring MD Pradeep Gupta of Axis My India was seen crying. This post is shared with a claim: “Why is Pradeep Gupta, who had shown Modi’s storm in the exit polls with great confidence, crying now?.” You can view a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

We began our study by looking up pertinent keywords and the viral video’s keyframes. This led us to a YouTube video by India Today. This was posted on March 10, 2022, titled “Pradeep Gupta Breaks Down As Sardesai Rajdeep & Rahul Kanwal Praise Him For Getting Exit Poll Right.” With a timestamp of seven minutes and fifteen seconds, this film was a little long.

As we watched the video, we noticed that the most popular part starts between 2:42 and 3:22 in the timeline. Additionally, we saw that the anchor claimed to have made Pradeep cry before handing him tissues to wipe his tears. Thus, the shared video is from the state elections in 2022.

We conducted additional keyword searches to see if he sobbed during yesterday’s Lok Sabha results. Subsequently, we discovered another video published on June 4, 2024, by India Today. In the live show, we can see him crying here.

The video was uploaded yesterday with the title “Axis My India’s CEO Pradeep Gupta Breaks Down In Tears After His Exit Poll Prediction Went Wrong.” This confirms that Pradeep Gupta cried yesterday too.

Although CEO Pradeep Gupta sobbed yesterday on the TV show, the viral video clip that is currently in circulation is not recent.


The video that went viral and claimed to show Pradeep Gupta crying because his forecast didn’t come true is an old and out-of-date clip from 2022. This viral video above is not the same as the one where he sobbed yesterday during the counting procedure.

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