Were 6000 years old lead cubes found in a river in England?


Fishermen from the depths of a river in England, 60 cubic navagraha yantras are found on which math marks are inscribed in Indian language, these navagraha yantra are made of lead and are 6000 years ago.

Scientists are surprised how these reached England 6000 years ago?

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A photo of a stack of cubes is spread with a claim that they are 6000 years old 60 lead cubic navagraha yantras with math marks inscribed in Indian language found in England river. This claim was circulated in 2020 and is doing its rounds again now. The posts can be viewed here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When the image is searched with Google lens, found a ‘The Hindu’ article dated 14, June 2020 with the title ‘How did 84 lead cubes with Devanagari inscriptions end up at the bottom of a river in England?’ with the viral image in it. A man and his son initially found 64 cubes and 20 more later.

These cubes are numbered in a 3 x 3 matrix and each row sums up to 36. These magic cubes with Devanagari scripts are believed to be of ‘Rahu Yantras’ relating to the prayer for ‘Rahu dosha’.

A dozen of punctured pennies, a coin with Lord Durga on one side and ‘Shri’ on the other side were also found along with the cubes. These cubes cannot be any older than the 11th or 12th century AD as they had Devanagari inscriptions. Some of the pennies are 2p coins minted in 1981, reported the article and it says that they were thrown into the river after 1981.

When the keywords from the article are searched, the ‘Coventry Telegraph’ article dated 12, May 2020 was found. It is said that the cubes were found in the Coventry river and are related to the Hindu prayer ritual.

One of the claim posts shared a 14, May 2020 dated article from the ‘Popular Mechanics’ website and quoted the claim. This article explains that 60 lead cubes were found in a river in England. It also refers that they are a part of a Hindu astrological ritual with no sign of their age.

This article also quoted the ‘Live Science’ article to mention that the oldest known lead artefact is an ancient wand that dates back 6,000 years.


It is indeed true that 60 and another 20 lead cubes were found in a river in England with Devanagari inscriptions related to Hindu ritual prayer but it is not true that they are 6000 years old. They are predicted to be thrown into the river somewhere between 1981 and 2000.

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