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MS Dhoni is rumored to have paid Rs 15 crore to buy oxygen!


MS Dhoni donates15 crore financial assistance. Chennai team captain MS Dhoni donated this year’s IPL proceeds to buy the oxygen.

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A Puthiyathalaimurai news template has gone viral on social media, claiming that former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is donating Rs 15 crore to the current IPL proceeds to buy oxygen.

In fact, there is no news that Dhoni has donated Rs 15 crore. The template of the puthiyathalaimurai message that goes viral has been edited and you can see that there are typos in the edit.

According to the Economic Times on March 28, 2020, “MS Dhoni provided Rs 1 lakh as corona fund”. He has donated the funds to the Mukul Madhav Foundation, a Pune-based trust. After this, Netizens started posting viral content on Twitter, by mentioning the small amount given by Dhoni.

It has been rumoured on social media across India that Dhoni has paid Rs 15 crore to buy oxygen. But, there is no such information.

Similarly, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has gone viral on social media claiming that he has donated Rs 21 crore. It has been reported that Virat Kohli and Anushka donated Rs 3 crore to the PM Care fund last year.

On May 2 , the RCB posted on its Twitter page with a video of Virat Kohli speaking on behalf of the RCB team to provide financial assistance for oxygen-related needs in Bangalore and major cities . In it, it does not say how much funding. IPS matches are also currently on hold.


In our search, it was rumoured that MS Dhoni had given Rs 15 crore to buy oxygen. There is no such information. Similarly, rumours are also circulating that Virat Kohli has donated Rs 21 crore.

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