Did a Bengaluru woman get her husband’s name tattooed on her forehead?

Many news outlets falsely report a scripted video as a real incident in Banglore.


Bengaluru Woman Tattoos Husband’s Name On Forehead, Netizens Call It ‘Stupidity’.

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A video is going viral in social media showing a woman tattooing her forehead supposedly with her husband’s name, Sathish. Several news outlets such as Hindustan Times, NDTV, Times Now, Firstpost, News18, India Times, Sun News, The Tribune have reported on the incident. It received sharp criticism in social media as well, many calling it stupidity. Interestingly, some of the news outlets from Pakistan too reported on the same news, see here and here.

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What’s the truth?

The video was posted in the Instagram page of King Maker Tattoo Studio. From the contact number provided in the Instagram page, we contacted the studio and spoke to Satish. He said that he is a Tamilian from Karnataka who had participated in various reality dance show “Maanada Mayilada” in Tamil. He had also participated in such reality shows in Telugu, Kannada etc. See here and here.

When asked about the tattoo video, he clarified to us that the video was scripted and taken as a content video for social media and did not expect it to go viral, but somehow it became viral and many news outlets have reported about the video. When writing this article, the video had received over 2.7 lakh likes in Instagram.

We further asked about the tattoo on the forehead on the woman in the video. He clarified that the woman in the video was his wife Raksha and it was just a staged video. When quizzed whether they would tattoo on the foreheads, Satish responded that he would advise the customers not to do so as it wouldn’t look good, but if customers insist, they would do so.


The video of woman getting her husband’s name tattooed on her forehead is scripted and staged as a content for social media. The news reports which reported it to be a real incident in Banglore are false.



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