Did a horse walk/run on water? Here’s the truth behind the video shared by Anand Mahindra.



You too can walk on water if you believe you can. It’s all in the mind. 😊 Start your week believing in yourself and your aspirations. #MondayMotivation

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A video purportedly showing a horse-like animal running on the surface of the water in a river is shared by the businessman Anand Mahindra mentioning it with the hashtag ‘Monday Motivation’. His post reads “You too can walk on water if you believe you can. It’s all in the mind. 😊 Start your week believing in yourself and your aspirations”.

The video shows an animal initially walking on the water’s surface and later picking up speed and starting to run on the surface of the water. This puts several social media users to think if the video is true or edited. Multiple questions like how can an animal walk on a water surface, if it is with low water level how can a boat be used on it are also being raised.

What is the truth?

When searching for the video with relevant keywords, it is found on a Youtube channel ‘life is live’ uploaded on 24, September 2020. The video is titled “they were cruising and saw this moose running on water”.

A 7, September 2022 dated tweet by a user named Massimo is found carrying it mentioning that Kristy Paniptchuk filmed the clip in 2020 on an Alaskan river. The tweet further mentions that the fact the moose appears to walk on water (crossing the boat’s path) is due to the shallow water and to the boat’s jet motors. The tweet also carried a link to an article by Daily Mail.

The Mail Online article dated 27, October 2020 mentioned that the moose appeared to walk on water as the river is only five inches deep. And it is also mentioned that Alaskan jet boats can navigate shallow streams and rivers. It is reported that according to Kristy Paniptchuk, she was using a river boat with a jet motor and the moose was crossing the river to get upstream which she captured it.

The Sun article dated 28, October 2020 mentions that the video was posted initially on TikTok by Kristy Paniptchuk who captured the video of the majestic animal, moose while riding on a boat along a river in Alaska.

Another similar video of deer walking on the water is also found on a Youtube channel ‘ViralVideoUK’. This video was uploaded in 2013.


In our search we found that the video shared by Anand Mahindra is indeed true. The animal identified as moose running on a shallow water body captured from a speeding boat that uses the jet motor creates an impression that the animal is walking/running on the water.

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