Did a Muslim stab ASI Shambhu Dayal in West Delhi?

Some BJP, VHP and other right-wingers with their media eco-system say so. But is it true?


Now the police are also unsafe in Mayapuri of the capital Delhi… Warrior brutally killed with knives, ASI Shambhu Dayal succumbed to Jihadis

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An Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) named Shambhu Dayal was stabbed multiple times in West Delhi’s Mayapuri on 4th January 2023, but he died later in hospital due to the injuries & complications caused by the stabbing. A woman reached out to ASI Shambhu as her phone was allegedly snatched at knifepoint. Shambhu took the woman with her to the spot where the snatching took place and apprehended the guy who snatched the phone from her.


As he was taken by Shambhu to the Police Station, he stabbed Shambhu Dayal multiple times to evade arrest. Despite the stabbing, Shambhu managed to overpower the accused resulting in his arrest. He was admitted to the hospital where he died on 8th January 2023.

The accused has been reported to be Mohammed Anees by several news outlets such as Times Now Navbharat, Aaj Tak, NDTV India etc. Some right-wing channels like Sudharshan News even called the accused as Jihadi and wrote an article on the incident which also claimed that a Jihadi is the perpetrator.


Spokespersons of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed that the perpetrator was a Muslim and a Jihadi. Sanjay Singh, a Rajya Sabha MP from Aam Aadmi Party, too tweeted a news clipping from Aaj Tak which reported that Shambhu Dayal was stabbed by Mohammed Anees.

What’s the truth?

Taking a cue from these tweets which mentioned Shambhu Dayal and Delhi, we did a keyword search and found an article from the Indian Express which mentioned the accused as Anish Raj.

In the news report, it has been mentioned “a woman had approached Dayal for help after her phone was allegedly snatched by a man at knifepoint. Dayal took the complainant to the spot to identify the accused.” The woman pointed out the person and he caught the accused, Mayapuri resident Anish Raj (24).

Shambhu Dayal admitted in a hospital after the stabbing.

While Dayal was taking Anish to the police station, the latter pulled out a knife which he had kept hidden under his shirt and attacked him. Dayal sustained injuries on his chest, abdomen, neck and even on his back as he was stabbed multiple times,” said an officer.

We contacted the Mayapuri Police Station to verify the murderer’s name and it was confirmed to us that the accused’s name is Anish and not Mohammed Anees and dismissed the claims that it was committed by a Muslim or a Jihadi. Further, we probed if there are any action taken against Sudarshan News and others for spreading false information for which the officer responded that there has been no action taken against the news outlet yet and they have not received any complaints thus far.


The person who stabbed and killed ASI Shambhu Dayal is not a Muslim or a Jihadi. The perpetrator in this case is Anish Raj, a Hindu but several news outlets and right-wing politicians are spreading false information that the offense was done by a Muslim and some even claim it to be committed by a jihadi.


There have been many similar instances where an act committed by a Hindu or a non-Muslim is blamed on a Muslim, which we have reported on. Some of it can be read below.

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