Did a young man disguise himself as a woman to kidnap girls in Delhi?


This gang has adopted a new way of kidnapping girls. A man dresses as a woman in bus, sits on “ladies” seat beside a female and during the journey, uses anesthesia to make her unconscious when no one is looking. Then, he speaks of course in the voice of a woman and says she’s calling ambulance. Ambulance arrives within some time, driven by his own gang, who take the girl and no one objects as they don’t even know. A man exposed them via video. Hats off. RT max to spread awareness.

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It’s a 2-minute 55-second lengthy video which is shared in two parts by the user namely “Vividha Bindhu” with the claims that the man is disguised as a woman and travels in a ladies’ bus and sits near another lady and makes them unconscious using anaesthetics. Then he calls for an ambulance like helping and his own gang comes in an ambulance and kidnaps the unconscious lady. The members travelling in the bus don’t know this and they never find out.  

The user further added that a man exposed this through a video and hats off to him. While we watched the video, one thing is true that a man is disguised as a woman and is travelling in a bus. But the other part of the story, where he kidnaps doesn’t fit properly. In the video, the man making the video shouts and ask the other disguised person to remove his mask and all the head cover and force him to show his face to the camera.


Meanwhile, some users even went on to claim that there are thousands of missing cases of girls and women and they need to be careful of these gangs. This viral video is shared by many users with similar claims which can be seen here, here and here. Come, let’s see how much truth the whole claim holds.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using similar keywords along the claims, we came across an article published by Amar Ujala on 23 March 2022. According to the article, we were able to see the same man’s picture which says, a man has disguised himself as a girl and travelled in the bus for free to save money and has been caught red-handed.

The article explained that, in order to take advantage of free bus travel in Delhi for women, the boy had disguised himself by becoming a girl and took the ride. The incident took place in a Delhi bus.

The boy in disguise was sitting on his seat when the conductor’s eyes suspected him. So the conductor asked him to remove the mask. Instead of removing the mask, the boy started speaking like a woman. But the conductor was not convinced. After this, the conductor scolded the boy and asked him to remove the mask which is what we exactly see in the above shared viral video.

Moreover, we got the same video shared by a YouTube page namely “Khabar Tehkikat” on 24 March 2022. In this video, we can hear the news reporter saying, a bus conductor exposed a young man who was actually disguised as a woman and tried to save a bus ticket. Since bus travel is free in Delhi for women, the man tried to use the opportunity by dressing himself as a woman and got caught by the conductor. The conductor forced the man to remove his mask and head cover to face the camera where we can see the man with his moustache and beard.

Therefore, through our investigation, its clearly evident that the man has disguised himself as a woman to use the free bus scheme introduced by the Kejriwal government. Unfortunately, he got caught by the conductor of the bus and he captured the video which is now circulated with false accusations.

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Thus, we conclude that the video showing a man dressed as a woman travelled in a bus to use the free bus scheme introduced in Delhi. No, the man didn’t make any woman unconscious and kidnap them in an ambulance. Moreover, the video is from 2022 and is spread now with false claims.

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