Did Amritpal Singh issue 3 conditions to surrender?

Several news outlets reported that Amritpal Singh had given 3 conditions to surrender but that is not true.


Arrest must be shown as…: Amritpal Singh ‘ready to surrender’, puts three conditions before Punjab Police.


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Amritpal Singh is the leader of Waris Punjab De (Heirs of Punjab), an organization started by late actor Deep Sidhu to protect and fight for the rights of Punjab. Waris Punjab De is an important player in the farmers’ protest the controversial farm bills. During the farmers’ protest, Amritpal Singh joined the organisation.

Old photo of Amritpal Singh

After Deep Sidhu’s death in February 2022, Amritpal Singh took over the leadership of Waris Punjab De. He has been demanding a separate country “Khalistan” for Punjabis which is inspired by his death. He is also wanted for the armed raid of a police station in Punjab which was attacked by hundreds of his supporters with weapons. He had been evading arrest and on the run. It has been speculated that he might have escaped to Nepal. Some reports speculate that he is in India and is ready to surrender by had given certain conditions for his surrender. Some news outlets have also reported on the surrender. See here and here.


What’s the truth?

In our keyword search, we found that there were no such conditions laid out by Amritpal Singh. Sometime after the news reports that Amritpal Singh issued conditions for surrender, Amritpal had released a second video in which he denied such reports by stating that he had not laid down any conditions for his surrender. The video released by him can be seen below.


Some of the news reports that had reported after the video from Amritpal Singh can be seen here and here.

Apart from the video, Punjab Police too has denied the news reports that suggested that Amritpal Singh had issued conditions to surrender as factually incorrect.



The reports that the fugitive Amritpal Singh gave conditions for surrender are false. He had released a video denying these claims.

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