Did Argentina implement facial recognition system at traffic signals?


In Argentina, a facial recognition system implemented in this traffic light ensures that the light remains red if a motorcyclist is detected without a helmet. Once the rider wears the helmet, the light turns green. 

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On February 19, 2024, Mexico’s president referred to the road accident that claimed the lives of five Argentines and one Mexican as “ugly, very ugly,” occurring on a route connecting beach resorts on the country’s Caribbean coast. 

Meanwhile, a 25-second viral video on X (formerly Twitter) shows a woman motorcyclist stop the bike at a red signal, and suddenly we can see her face displayed on the signal screen, below which it is written that ‘put on your helmet or traffic light will be on red light’, and then she wears the helmet and the signal turns green. In this viral video, we can also see that many helmet-less motorcyclists stop their bikes at the signal post, and their faces are displayed on the screen. Then they all put on their helmets, and once the riders put on the helmets, the signal turns red.  A similar viral video was shared by social media users and one such post can be seen here. This video is shared to claim that this facial recognition system is enabled on the roads of Argentina.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search and found a similar video posted by Facebook page GIGadgets on February 20, 2024. This video description is “This traffic light says ‘no’ to helmetless riders.

Honda Awareness Traffic Light is an interactive advertising campaign launched by Honda and Almacen, an Argentine advertising agency. The aim of the campaign was to promote the practice of safe riding and raise awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet among motorcyclists.

The campaign took place in Campana City, Argentina, where Honda has its motorcycle production plant. It was very successful and received positive feedback from the public and the media, who praised Honda and Almacen for their creativity and social responsibility.”

Similar news was covered by many credible websites and can be seen here, here, here, and here 

The “awareness traffic light” is part of a bigger strategy by Honda Safety, the business unit that promotes safe driving. The core of the program is the use of state-of-the-art traffic signals to encourage compliance with traffic laws, especially the requirement that motorcycle riders wear helmets. 

This innovative advertisement is made for awareness purposes for wearing the helmet and for promotional purposes for Honda.


It’s a road safety awareness promotional campaign for Honda but has been falsely shared as facial recognition system in traffic signals was implemented in Argentina. 

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