Did BBC remove Kashmir from India Map?

The right-wing ecosystem uses an old photo from the BBC's reporting to discredit it for its documentary on PM Modi.


This is Disrespectful. BBC removes Jammu & Kashmir from Indian Map. @MIB_India should ban #BBC from India.

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Ever since the BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi “India – The Modi Question” came out, the BJP supporters and followers of Modi had been visibly shaken. The Union Government tried to prevent Indian citizens from watching the documentary by using the emergency powers of the draconian IT Rules 2021.

The official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs called the documentary ‘propaganda’ and accused the makers of it to be having a colonial mindset. The right-wing ecosystem is working overdrive to ‘give it back’ to the BBC and others featured in the documentary.

Recently the BBC is being accused of removing Jammu & Kashmir from the map of India used in their website. This had been shared by many right-wingers such as Rishi Bagree, Abhishek Agarwal and also Suresh Chavhanke, anchor and Editor-in-chief of the notorious right-wing news outlet “Sudarshan News”.

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What’s the truth?

We searched the the British Broadcasting Corporation’s website and found that the India page does not have a map as suggested by the allegations made by the BJP supporters.

We did a keyword search and found out that the BBC did in fact leave out Jammu and Kashmir from the map of India. But the incident took place in 2015. The news network has taken down the video that was published in 2015 due to the incorrect depiction of the map of India.

The error was repeated in 2021 in January. The British Broadcasting Corporation have come out and apologized for their mistake and haven’t committed a similar wrong depiction recently. However, due to the ongoing unrest within the ruling BJP Government and the supporters of the right-wing Hindutva supporters due to the documentary “India – The Modi Question” which was not to their liking, this misinformation campaign against the BBC had been unleashed. There are other instances of misinformation against the BBC after the documentary aired which can be read below.

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Old instances of BBC misrepresenting the map of India and wrongly depicting it is propped now to discredit and question the legitimacy of the British network by the BJP supporters to undermine the allegations made in a documentary produced by the BBC on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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