Did Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah beat his young fan badly?


Salah beats up a fan and then takes a picture with him.

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Virgil van Dijk scored the only goal in extra time, leading Liverpool to win their first trophy of the season by beating Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley on February 25. Liverpool football club manager Jurgen Klopp, happy about the victory, called it “special” and took a swipe at rival fans who downplay the significance of the Carabao Cup.

Meanwhile, a viral post is purporting on the X (formerly Twitter) that Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah beat up a fan and then took a picture with the young boy. In the viral image, we can see a boy wearing a Liverpool football club jersey standing next to the star footballer Mohamed Salah. We can also see his fan injury on the nose, and he is bleeding badly and almost crying as well.


A similar viral claim was widely shared by social media users and can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

When we tried to check the profiles of those who shared the viral post, we found out that a few Liverpool football fans shared this post, which is shocking.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search, and we found a similar image published in the Liverpool daily newspaper Liverpool Echo on August 14, 2019. The article is titled ‘Touching the Thank You to Mo Salah, a Liverpool fan who ran into the lamp post chasing him’.

The Liverpool Echo reported that 11-year-old Liverpool fan Louis Fowler attempted to keep up with the football player’s car and knocked himself out.

Louis struck a lamppost while chasing Mohamed Salah’s car, breaking his nose and landing unconscious on the ground. He was hoping the Egyptian striker would wave back at him. When Salah saw the collision, he turned his vehicle around and went back to see how Louis was doing, and later he took pictures with the young fan boy after his request several times.

Similar news was reported by many credible news outlets, such as The Guardian, The Mirror, the BBC, The Independent, and Daily Mail Online.

According to many media outlets, a young Liverpool fan accidentally collided into a lamppost and broke his nose, and nowhere was it reported that Mohamed Salah beat him and then took a selfie.


Mohamed Salah did not beat the young fan; he was chasing Salah’s car when he accidentally collided into a lamppost and broke his nose.

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