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Did Italy expose the Covid-19 scam? Conspiracy theory goes viral!


WhatsApp Info: * Italy is the first country to perform a post-mortem (autopsy) on a dead body since Covid-19, and after extensive investigation it was found that Covid-19 is not a virus, but rather it is a huge global fraud. People are actually dying because of “multiplied global 5G electromagnetic radiation (poison)”. *

Doctors in Italy have violated World Health Organization (WHO) law that not to allow autopsies on corpses of people dying from the corona virus, so after some scientific discovery and investigation, they discovered it is not a virus, but a bacterium that causes death in the veins Blood vessels form, i.e., due to this bacterium, blood accumulates in the veins and veins causing this patient to die.



WhatsApp forward information has gone viral worldwide, with doctors in Italy finding many shocking facts in the autopsy conducted on dead Covid-19 patients by violation of World Health Organization regulations, published by the Italian Ministry of Health. That forward information is currently being disseminated in Tamil as well.

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What is the truth?

Key claims in viral video.

  • The WHO did not allow autopsy to examine the bodies of those who died of the Covid-19 infection.
  • Italy is the first country to conduct autopsies on Covid-19 patients
  • Covid-19 is not a virus, it is a bacterium.
  • Covid-19 is augmented by 5G radiation.
  • Accumulation of blood in the veins causes death of the patient
  • The Italian Ministry of Health changed the Covid-19 treatment protocol.
  • Italy won the Covid-19.

WHO did not allow autopsy to examine the bodies of those who died of the Covid-19 infection:

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not authorize the autopsy of those who have died of the Covid-19 virus, and the claim that Italian doctors have violated its law is all misinformation. The World Health Organization has no such law. Instead, Covid-19 has published instructions on how to handle the bodies of the dead.

Italy is not the first country in the world to autopsy the bodies of those killed by Covid-19. Prior to this, an autopsy was conducted in China in February 2020.


Covid-19 is not a virus, it is a bacterium:

The World Health Organization’s website states that Covid-19 is a virus. Based on global experiments and research articles, clinical data have emerged that the current epidemic of the Covid-19 is caused by the novel corona virus. There is no evidence that the Italian Ministry of Health has identified the Govit-19 infection as a bacterium.

Covid-19 is augmented by 5G radiation:

They also linked the unsubstantiated information that 5G technology is the reason for the high level of Covid-19. 5G service has not been launched in India, but India has the second highest number of Covid-19 victims in the world. In August, the UN ICT agency reported that rumours were circulating that 5G technology would be linked to Covid-19.

Blood clots in the veins cause death of the patient:

Studies and medical data suggest that the main cause of death from Covid-19 is not blood circulation problems in the body, but respiratory problems.

Italian Ministry of Health changes Covid-19 treatment protocol:

It was learned that the information to be forwarded has been circulated in English since June. There is no information on the website of the Ministry of Health of Italy that has changed the protocols related to Covid-19

Medicines such as aspirin are said to be commonly used to reduce fever and relieve pain arising from conditions such as muscle aches, toothaches, colds, and headaches.

Italy wins Covid-19:

As of September 23, 45,489 people were receiving treatment in Italy. Italy did not fully overcome from the Covid-19 impact.


Contrary to many people’s beliefs, forwarding information that incorporates unsubstantiated information goes viral worldwide. The only evidence cited is the Italian health organization, but there is no such information on the website of the Italian Health Organization. They have created this forward information by combining a lot of misinformation. Conspiracy theories are full of lies and unsubstantiated. Various conspiracy theories have gone viral globally since the onset of the Covid-19 vulnerability. People are also misled into thinking that such information is true. Do not share unsubstantiated information that you think is true during the pandemic.

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