Did Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam pay for terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s biryani when he was in jail?


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam sponsored biryani to terrorist Ajmal Kasab, Harinder Sikka, Group Director, Strategic Business at Piramal Enterprises. 

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Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani terrorist who participated in the horrific 2008 Mumbai attacks as part of the Lashkar-e-Taiba militant group. The attacks resulted in the deaths of 166 people and 300 injuries.  

Meanwhile a reel is shared by Sangam Talks on Facebook, and as we can see in the video, Piramal Enterprises’ group director of strategic business, Harinder Sikka, is giving a speech and saying that 26/11 Mumbai attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab was regularly given good food, especially good biryani, which was given and sponsored by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam to him. This video is liked by 1K social media users. 

The same reel was posted by Sangam Talks on their YouTube channel, which has been watched by 944k. 

What’s the Truth? 

We ran a keyword search, and found a news article from the Times of India which was published on March 20, 2015. The title states that “Kasab never asked for biryani; we fabricated it, public prosecutor Ujjawal Nikkam.”. 


In the TOI article, it was mentioned that the claim that 26/11 Mumbai attack terrorist demanded mutton biryani in jail was just a myth, and it was just made up by officials just to stop an emotional wave for the terrorist that had been created at that time, said public prosecutor Ujjawal Nikkam. He added that Kasab never demanded the biryani and was never served by the government; it was just created to break the emotional atmosphere that has been created for terrorists. 

Additionally, we also found an article published by India Today on October 19, 2019, and this article is about a book review on “Madam Commissioner: The Extraordinary Life of an Indian Police Chief Meeran Chadha Borwankar. 

In her book, Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Meeran Chadha Borwankar disclosed that the story that the 26/11 attack terrorist Ajmal Kasab had mutton biryani for years is untrue and fabricated.  

She also mentioned in the book that he was never given any special dishes like biryani or anything.  


Harinder Sikka’s claim that the terrorist Ajmal Kasab was given mutton biryani when he was in jail is false; he never asked for biryani and it was never served to him. 

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