Did Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah say he wants to be born as a Muslim? No! His Remarks on Deve Gowda is falsely shared.


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is saying in the meeting of Muslims that he prays to God to make him a Muslim in the next life. Two important things. First, Islam does not believe in reincarnation, and the second important thing is: which power in the world stops Siddaramaiah ji from becoming a Muslim at this very birth??

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After giving out various program advantages to the recipients of the Congress party’s guarantee schemes, Siddaramaiah was giving a public speech. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah asked people to vote for Congress in the Lok Sabha elections on March 11, 2024, stating that the people’s support for a party that “delivers on its promises” is essential to the state’s growth.


Meanwhile, a viral video is purporting on X handle (formerly Twitter) that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in a Muslim meeting, said that he prays to God that in his next life he wants to be born as a Muslim. The post also added that Islam does not believe in reincarnation, and the second important thing is that no one can stop Siddaramaiah from changing into a Muslim at this birth.

A similar viral video is widely shared by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters and can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found the full original video of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah speech was posted at YOYO TV Kannada on March 10, 2024.

On the timestamp 13:25, CM Siddaramaiah recalled that Deve Gowda had once said that “he wanted to be born as a Muslim” in his next life and was always against the BJP. “Now he has aligned himself with the BJP for the survival of the party. The people of the nation are intelligent now, just like you. The nation’s citizens are able to check and compare statements. For his family’s survival, Deve Gowda believes that people should ignore him and stand by him regardless of the political stance he adopts. However, such a situation does not exist currently”, CM Siddaramaiah stated at a felicitation program for newly elected Bengaluru Teacher’s constituency MLC Puttanna in Kengeri, Karnataka.

Similar news was reported by credible news outlets such as ANI, Hindustan Times, and The New Indian Express.

According to the mentioned proofs, we conclude that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s viral video, where we can hear him saying that he wanted to be born as a Muslim in his next life, is baseless, and the viral is clipped. In the original video, Siddaramaiah mentioned HD Deve Gowda’s previous statement.


Siddaramaiah mentioned a previous statement of Deve Gowda, which has been clipped and falsely linked as his own.

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