Did Madurai court reject charges made against Manish Kashyap?

Quite contrastingly, Manish Kashyap has been charged with a case under the National Security Act.



Madurai court did not accept any mistake of Manish Kasyap. Reprimanded the police, a blow to the opponents and the Bihar government.. Manish Kashyap will be released soon. Satyamev Jayate 🚩

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Tripurari Kumar Tiwari, who is better known as Manish Kashyap, is a YouTuber from Bihar. He has several cases pending against him, which includes attacking a police officer, vandalising public property, attempt to murder etc. Recently, he was arrested for spreading fake news against Tamil Nadu by using scripted videos which claimed that Bihari workers are attacked and killed in Tamil Nadu.

BJP Bihar and the entire right-wing ecosystem amplified this false narrative against Tamil Nadu. Manish Kashyap was booked for trying to create unrest and spreading rumours & fake news and arrested by the Bihar police. Many of his supporters and the right-wing ecosystem supported him and criticised the arrest terming him as a Nationalist. A bandh was conducted in Bihar by his supporters.

He was then brought to Tamil Nadu as several cases were filed against him in the state. After he is brought to Tamil Nadu, many supporters of Manish Kashyap took to social media to claim that Madurai Court did not accept any of the charges made against him and he would be released soon. Some of the posts can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

After being brought to Tamil Nadu, it has been reported on 6th April 2023, Manish Kashyap had been charged with a case under Section 3 (2) of the National Security Act (NSA). Madurai Court had ordered judicial custody till 19th April. However, Manish Kashyap had approached the Supreme Court to club all FIRs filed against him and get interim relief. According to news reports, the Supreme Court had denied relief for Manish Kashyap.

The claims in social media by Neha Singh Rathore, Anuj Kumar Bajpai and others that he has been exonerated from the charges made against him are false. On the contrary, a new NSA case has been filed against him.


Madurai High Court had not dropped any charges against Manish Kashyap. The claims made in social media are false.


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