Did Manoj Tomar get attacked by the mob in the viral video? No, Delhi Police refutes such claims.


Inspector Manoj Tomar, who kicked a namaz in Delhi yesterday, was attacked in the presence of police. Watch the video and listen to the audio #IStandWithManojTomar

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A video clip that appeared to show a policeman in Delhi’s Inderlok hitting a few men who were offering prayers on a road went viral last Friday.

Eventually, the officer was recognized as Manoj Tomar, the head of the Inderlok police station. After the incident went viral on social media, the sub-inspector was suspended right away.

Following the widespread release of the video, residents became enraged and blocked the road in large numbers. People from all walks of life, including prominent politicians, condemned the incident.

In this instance, a 1-minute, 24-second viral video depicts a large crowd of locals fighting with the police. This post is shared with a claim stating, “Inspector Manoj Tomar, who kicked a namaz in Delhi yesterday, was attacked in the presence of police.” Multiple posts with similar claims can be seen here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We started our analysis with a relevant keyword search on Google, which resulted in a tweet by the DCP North Delhi. The post carried the same viral video along with the below caption.

According to the X post, “This is wrong information. The mentioned SI is not present in this video. The video is not of yesterday (Saturday) but of Friday, 8th March, when protestors had gathered in Inderlok. Locals escorted police officers to the police post after which a scuffle took place.”

When we advanced our research it led us to multiple reports carrying the same screengrabs from the viral video. NDTV, Times Now, and Hindustan Times have all covered the same incident of the viral video with articles that can be read here, here, and here.

The Delhi Police has refuted the allegation that the officer was attacked by a mob on Saturday, as the aforementioned information makes clear.


Thus we conclude that the viral video claiming Inspector Manoj Tomar, who kicked some men during namaz in Delhi yesterday, was attacked in the presence of police is false. Delhi police have denied such claims and released a statement regarding the viral video.

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