Did Muslim educational institution teach Sanskrit to their students to gain temple priest positions in Kerala?


Is this true? Muslim teacher coaching a class of muslims to learn Sanskrit to gain Temple priest positions in Kerala!

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A viral video on X handle claims that a Muslim teacher teaches Muslim students Sanskrit to gain a temple priest position in Kerala. In the viral video, we can see students dressed in long white robes and white headdresses reciting Sanskrit “slokas” and “mantras”.  

This viral video was shared with the same claim by some of the social media users and one such post can be seen here.

What is the truth ?

We ran a keyword search and we found a similar incident held on 20, February 2023 and was posted on the website of the Academy of Sharia and Advanced Studies(ASAS), MIC Masjid, Shakthan Nagar, Thrissur. The viral video is from this(ASAS) Islamic Institution run by Malik Deenar Islamic Complex (MIC). 

The ASAS took the decision, and added a structured syllabus to teach the ancient and classical language, to inculcate in the students, knowledge and awareness about other religions, the institute said.

ASAS sets an example of an Islamic educational institution that aims to provide a diverse education to their students by teaching Sanskrit and Hindu texts to make their students understand Hindu and other religions. ASAS also has a Sanskrit speech competition where all the Sanskrit learning students participate.

The same event was covered by many media outlets such as NDTV, TOI, Outlook India, TNIE, Telegraph IndiaThe Print, The Economic Times and many others.

In the whole event covered by media information nowhere it is reported that a Muslim teacher teaching Sanskrit, Upanisads, and shlokas to Muslim students to gain a priest position, but was shared in such a false narrative to mislead the people.


The 11-month-old video of a Muslim teacher teaching Sanskrit to Muslim students is falsely shared as an activity to gain them a priest position. This claim is misleading because Sanskrit is being educated in the Muslim institution to learn and understand other languages and religions.

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