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Did Muslim women build a temple for Indian PM Modi?


Muslim women build a temple for Indian Prime Minister Modi.

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A social media post claims that Muslim women build a temple for PM Modi with a statue of him, and it has gained shares in thousands.


What is the Truth?

The viral post has two pictures in it. When the first picture is reverse searched, February 12, 2015, dated NDTV article has published the photo mentioning as, “Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his extreme displeasure over a temple dedicated to him, the structure has been demolished by officials in Rajkot in his home state of Gujarat. A group of about 300 admirers of Mr Modi had spent seven lakhs on building the temple in a village about 200 kilometres from Ahmedabad”.

The same news article has the tweet of PM Modi saying, “Building such temples is not what our culture teaches us. Personally, it ade me very sad. Would urge those doing it not to do it”. The photo of the temple built for Modi by his admirers is claimed as the one built by Muslim women.

When the second photo is reverse searched, The Economic Times article dated July 31, 2019, titled “Muslim women thank PM Modi on passage of triple talaq bill” has published the picture as a reference photo.



When we searched for the news on the temple built by Muslim women for Modi, The New Indian Express article titled “Muslim women in Uttar Pradesh building temple for PM Modi” dated October 1, 2019, is found. The article reports, “Ruby Ghazni said, Modi had done a lot for them including bringing a sea change in their lives by banning triple talaq. The women are financing the building construction from their own savings in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar”. But no news on the completion of the temple construction work or its inauguration is found.



It is evident that the temple claiming that it was built by Muslim women is built by Modi’s 300 admirers in Gujarat. The second picture is a reference picture used in the news articles of passing the triple talaq bill.

This shows that the claim that Muslim women build a temple for PM Modi is fake. There was news about Muslim women building a temple for Modi in Uttar Pradesh. However, no proof or news on the completion of the temple construction or inauguration is found.

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