Did Rahul Gandhi get the simple mathematics wrong? No, his speech is clipped and falsely shared.


50+15=73, said Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi, from Congress, is making his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Uttar Pradesh shorter by avoiding the western part. This decision was shared by a party leader on Monday, and conveyed that it is to save five days, considering board exams.

Meanwhile, a 21-second viral video was widely shared on social media and claimed that Rahul Gandhi made a miscalculation. In the viral video, we can see Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking, asking the crowd, “How much is 50 plus 15?” He again said, “Tell me”, then he himself said, “50 plus 15 is a total of 73”. In the viral video, we can also see Rahul Gandhi’s edited cartoon dancing, and it is written that only an idiot can believe that 50 plus 15 is 73.

A similar viral video was shared on social media platforms by BJP representatives and supporters and can be here, here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth ? 

We ran a reverse search using keyframes of the viral video, and we found the uncropped video on the Indian National Congress official YouTube channel. In this viral video, he is narrating his conversation with a journalist at the Odisha press conference.

The conversation is as follows: A journalist asked me, “Rahul ji, you are talking about caste census and rights, so is this not dividing the country?”

I asked him in response, “In the media, how many newspaper owners are from backward, Dalit, tribal classes? – He became silent. I said that there are about 50% OBCs, 15% Dalits and 8% tribals in the country. This total was 73%. That means you are not giving anything to 73% people, then how can India join?

During this conversation he said, “It is estimated that about 50–55% of people in this country are from backward castes. 15% are Dalits. 8% have adivasis. How much is it in total? How much is 50 plus 15 plus 8? 73. Now tell me… then Rahul Gandhi says 50+15+8 = 73”. But in a viral video, they cropped when he exactly said ‘plus 8’ and shared that he is bad at calculation. So now the viral video looks like 50 plus 15 plus 73, because they cropped ‘plus 8’ from it.


Rahul Gandhi’s calculation viral video is clipped and shared with false claims to ridicule him that he does not know simple mathematics.

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