Did Rahul Gandhi promote Amul milk in Delhi?


Rahul Gandhi does cheap politics for short term gain which damages him long term. In Karnataka Congress unnecessarily did poltics over Nandini vs Amul to criticise Amul saying it’s of Gujarat. But in Delhi he’s enjoying Amul milk.

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The opposition parties including Congress in Karnataka are seen expressing their thoughts against the ruling BJP government for letting Gujarat’s Amul sell their dairy products in Karnataka. They quoted that it would in turn pose a threat to Nandini, a brand operated by the Karnataka Milk Federation’s Farmer Cooperative and got into ‘Save Nandini’ campaigns.

Rahul Gandhi during his recent visit to Karnataka for election campaigns tweeted a photo of him having Nandini ice cream m and captioned it as Karnataka’s pride. He is back in Delhi and visuals of him in the Delhi market went viral on social media.

In this situation, a comparison of Rahul Gandhi’s tweet about Nandini ice cream and another image of him in a Delhi local shop is shared to claim that he criticizes Amul in Karnataka by saying it is from Gujarat but enjoys Amul milk in Delhi. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

Some of the BJP leaders posted the photo (can be seen here and here) and mentioned that Rahul Gandhi is at a store with Amul gold milk in Delhi but in Karnataka, he instigated a fight between Amul and Nandini.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral image we found Rahul Gandhi neither enjoyed Amul milk nor promoted it. It is found that he had chaats and Mohabbat Ka Sharbat in Delhi.

The first image was tweeted by Rahul Gandhi on 16, April 2023 when he was in Karnataka. The image is captioned ‘Karnataka’s Pride – NANDINI is the best!’.

An article from Economic Times dated 19, April 2023 is found carrying the second viral image. The article mentions that Rahul Gandhi visited a ‘sharbat’ vendor, Nathu sweets and other eateries treating himself to fruits and ‘golgappas’ when he was at Matia Mahal Market and Bengali Market.

Times of India reported that Rahul Gandhi started his food journey in Karnataka where he mentioned Nandini icecream as Karnataka’s pride. He visited the local shops in Delhi after returning from the election campaigns in Karnataka. It is mentioned that he enjoyed chaats and other delicacies including ‘Aloo Tikki’, ‘Gol Gappas’ and ‘Mohabbat ka Sharbat’.

A video uploaded by the Jansatta Youtube channel is found carrying the visuals of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the market and the ‘Mohabbat Ka Sharbat’ shop. The video mentions that during the visit he also tasted the best of Old Delhi’s ‘Mohabbat Ka Sharbat’. Mohabbat Ka Sharbat is a refreshing and old Delhi-style summer drink flavored with watermelon and rose water

The viral image is also found posted on the verified Twitter handle of Congress on 18, April 2023 with the caption in Hindi translated as ‘Mohabbat Ka Sharbat’.


It is found that Rahul Gandhi did not enjoy Amul milk in Delhi while he opposed it in Karnataka as claimed. It is to be known that the viral image is of him enjoying ‘Mohabbat Ka Sharbat’ at a local shop in Delhi.

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