Did Sanjjanaa Galrani convert to Islam after watching ‘The Kerala Story’?


After watching The Kerala Story Movie , South Indian actress Sanjana Galrani converted to Islam and married a Muslim boy Azeez Pasha and she is enjoying her life with her husband in Saudi. Congratulations to both. Sad life for modi bhakts who are busy only in spreading hate against muslim boys.

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The controversial movie ‘The Kerala Story’ was released last month after which there are multiple misinformation being shared in the name of ‘after-effects of the movie’.


A set of images including the actress Sanjjanaa Galrani with her family and a few news article clips are shared to claim that after watching ‘The Kerala Story’ Movie, South Indian actress Sanjjanaa Galrani converted to Islam and married a Muslim boy Azeez Pasha and she is enjoying her life with her husband in Saudi.  This claim is viral on Twitter and Facebook. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for the news clip shared on the viral posts, we found an Indian Express article dated 17, May 2023 titled: Sanjjanaa Galrani set to perform her first Umrah in Mecca: ‘I don’t want to be judged by people who are not secular’. The article mentions that Sanjjanaa converted to Islam from the Hindu religion a few years back and married Aziz Pasha which received a lot of flak back then and for the first time, Sanjjanaa has publicly spoken at length about her new-found faith.

Sanjjanaa Galrani visited Mecca recently and she took to Instagram to convey the same. A part of her post dated 14, May 2023 reads, “I come from a Hindu family by birth, I have studied in a Christian school and visited a chapels, all my life while I would start my day at school for 12 years.. then was inspired by Islam and I got married to my husband, who is a Muslim man, dr.azeez pasha and I’m leading a peaceful life.”

An IBT article dated September 2020 reported that the Kannada actress Sanjjanaa aka Archana Galrani who was arrested in connection with the Sandalwood drug racket has reportedly covered to the Muslim religion and rechristened herself Mahira on October 9, 2018. It was rumoured back then that she had converted to Islam and was married to Azeez Pasha, but Azeez Pasha denied the reports mentioning that they got engaged.

The article further mentioned that amidst the rumours, a Kannada news channel furnished a registration certificate procured from a Mosque in Bangalore to prove her conversion to Islam. The certificate mentions her date of conversion as 9, October 2018. It further mentions her new Muslim name as Miss Mahira.

In addition to it, her Instagram post dated 1, July 2021 is found carrying photos of her with Azeez Pasha where she mentioned that she is the wife of a Vascular Surgeon. The movie ‘The Kerala Story’ was released in May 2023 and Sanjjanna Galrani converted to Islam way before the movie got released.

Youturn fact-checked some of the claims related to the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ and published articles on them.

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The video of a woman thrashing a man from Karnataka is not the effect of ‘Kerala Story’.


It is found that the actress Sanjjanaa Galrani did not convert to Islam after watching the movie ‘The Kerala Story’, but she converted to Islam in 2018, way back the movie got released.

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