Did Shah Rukh Khan say he’ll be selling his house if “Pathaan” flops?




Shahrukh Khan made an emotional appeal!

If Pathan flops, his house will be sold

Let’s all help her sell the house together! 😂


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It has been announced that Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s “Pathaan” will be releasing in January 2023. Ever since the movie’s song “Besharam Rang” came out, there has been several controversy surrounding the movie and several misinformation have also been spread against the movie. Now, several users in social media have been claiming that Shah Rukh Khan had said that he would have to sell his house if his upcoming movie Pathaan flops. See here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

A keyword search revealed that the trend #BoycottPathan or #BoycottPathaan had been going on at least since March when the movie announcement was officially made. Moreover, several claims of Shah Rukh Khan selling his house if Pathan flops at box office have been made since then.



Our keyword search also resulted in a fact-check done by Factly back on 24 March 2022 which had debunked the claim.


In our search too, we were not able to make any credible news outlet reporting on such a statement from Shah Rukh Khan and given his level of international stardom, such a sensitive statement going unreported is next to impossible. We browsed through Shah Rukh Khan’s twitter feed, but we were not able to find any such tweets from him.

Moreover, the movie’s OTT rights have been sold reportedly for Rs.200 crores to Amazon’s Prime Video.


In our search, we find the claim that Shah Rukh Khan would sell his house if Pathan flops at box office is false.

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