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Did Surya give 1 crore to the Trust that does not exist?


The public donates to Agaram foundation and Surya takes out that donated money and gives it to fake trust.

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“Actor Surya donated 1 crore to ‘Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust’ for the education of Irular community students. But no such trust named ‘Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust’ is registered with the government. Actor Surya has donated to a trust that does not exist. Even though the trust exists why should he donate the money to the trust that is not registered? All this is happening in front of the Tamil Nadu CM. How can Surya donate the public’s money to another Trust?”, a viral video lists a set of complaints.



What is the Truth?


Actor Surya donated 1 crore rupees for the education of Irular community students to ‘Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust’ in front of Tamil Nadu CM M.K.Stalin after the super hit of his movie ‘Jai Bhim’. This news was published in all media channels. We fact-checked if Surya has donated the money to fake Trust after we were asked to verify it.

We reached Agaram Foundation to get clarified on this issue.

“I would like to clear one thing first. 1 crore rupees donated to the Irular community from Agaram Foundation is not public money. The money is given to the Agaram foundation by his 2D Entertainment company. Another thing is Agaram Foundation never spends public’s money for its administration cost. Actor Surya takes care of the administration cost. We have seen all the proof documents of Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust.


Document to prove that Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust is registered:

It does not mean that 80G uncertified Trust is not a Trust at all. We are well aware that the original cheque cannot be given to 80G uncertified Trust. The Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust has decided to build a hostel for Irular students. So, they have bought land in the name of the Trust. And the Trust has asked us to build a hostel in the land bought after which we decided to build a hostel for Irular community students on behalf of the Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust. We have decided to sign an MoU among Agaram Foundation, 2D Entertainment and Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust. The procedure is under process now. Once the Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust receives the permit for building construction in the land, Agaram foundation will take care of building the hostel”, he said.

We reached Social Activist and Professor Prabha Kalvimani, one of the Trustees of ‘Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust’.

“Our Trust was started with an intention of proper education to the Irular community. This trust was registered with a deed in March 2007. We thought of building a hostel for the Irular community students to stay. With the support of the Trust members and a few volunteers, we bought 28 cents of land to build the hostel in Anandapuram, Vikravandi in the Villupuram district. We are planning to build a hostel in the land bought for which actor Surya donated 1 crore rupees on behalf of the Agaram Foundation.

To be more precise, we have not received any money from actor Surya or Agaram Foundation as we are not yet 80G/12A certified. Hence, we cannot receive such a huge amount as a donation or cheque. So, we have requested Agaram Foundation to build the hostel instead. They too have accepted to help us do it.

We are 80G/12A uncertified, and that does not mean we are not a Trust at all. We are a properly registered small Trust that is in the process to obtain an 80G/12A certificate”, he said.



It is apparent that ‘Pazhankudi Irular Education Trust’ is a registered Trust. As the Trust is 80G/12A uncertified, Agaram Foundation has decided to build the hostel planned by the Trust for the irular community students with the money received from actor Surya.




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