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A body of water that is entirely red can be seen in the widely shared viral video. In addition, there are a few mountains visible against the water’s background. The user asserts that the reddened body of water is the Nile River. They’ve also included the query, “Is Moses back?” You can see similar posts with similar claims here, here, here, and here. They are currently making the rounds on the internet.

What’s the truth?

Upon conducting a reverse image search and searching with relevant keywords, we discovered that the footage depicts Laguna Roja in northern Chile, not the Nile River.

The topography displayed in the X film corresponds with images of Laguna Roja found on various travel-related websites.

As we continued our search, we came across an article on mybestpalce.com titled “LAGUNA ROJA, A NATURAL WONDER ENVELOPED BY MYSTERY.” According to the article, “The Laguna Roja is an extraordinary lagoon with blood-red colored waters which lies in a desolate territory just north of Chile between the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 3700 meters. This lagoon is well guarded by the Aymara civilization who are quite possessive of it, which has made the Laguna Roja unknown to the rest of the world, that is until 2009.”

They have further added that “Laguna Roja waters have not been entirely studied but it is known that they can reach temperatures of 122°F. The depth of this mysterious lagoon is still unknown. According to biologists, it is believed that the blood-red color is attributed to the sediment of certain types of algae which dissolve in the waters when they cannot withstand certain temperatures.”

This makes it clear that the widely shared video, which purported to show the Nile River turning blood red, is wholly untrue. The location depicted in the video is actually Laguna Roja in Chile.

For the reader’s reference, we have attached the comparison image from the viral video and the original image:

With all of this information, the false and untrue claim that the Nile River turned red is confirmed.


Therefore, we deduce that the video that claims Moses is returning and the Nile River is turning red is untrue. The location is Laguna Roja in Chile, and the reason for its red hue is the algae that grows there.

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