Did Uttar Pradesh police beat the Brahmin boy over his caste? No! He was beaten by his friend over a 2-month-old dispute.


This video is from Ratan Lal Nagar Police Station in Kanpur. When a Brahmin youth showed his sacred thread, the policemen abused the entire Brahmin community and beat him up.

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A 10-second video is purported in X (previously on Twitter), and as we can see in the video, a youth is repeatedly slapped by another person, and the victim says, “Wait a minute, brother, don’t beat me. I am wearing a sacred thread, and holding this, I’m saying I’m Brahmin, and I won’t lie.”

Sharing this video, the X user claimed that this video is from the Ratan Lal Nagar police station, Kanpur. The Kanpur police abused the entire brahmin community and beat the brahmin youth for showing his scared thread. The X user also tagged Uttar Pradesh Police and asked if it was right to beat someone like this and abuse the entire community. 

The same viral video was widely shared by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) supporters and can be seen here, here, and here

What’s the truth? 

We ran a keyword search, and we found a tweet was by the Police Commissionerate Kanpur Nagar official X account, dated April 10, 2024. The Kanpur commissionerate tweeted that they investigated the incident, and police mentioned the victim’s name as Rohit Dwivedi. The young man was beaten by the people who already knew him. The dispute took place at their common friend’s birthday party. 

In this incident, the aforementioned individuals attacked Rohit in the Tatya Tope Nagar Police Station neighbourhood in Gujaini around two months ago. The footage of the attack went viral. 

Police have reached out to Rohit. Police teams have been dispatched to apprehend everyone involved in this assault. No police personnel have been found involved in the incident.

Additionally, we found the news byte from Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Shri Ravindra Kumar. He also told about the whole incident and added that legal action is being taken against those spreading misleading news.

On April 11, 2024, the Gujaini police team arrested one accused and took a juvenile offender into police custody.

According to the Police Commissionerate of Kanpur Nagar’s news byte and press release, we found that the young boy was beaten by the people that he already knew. There was a dispute between these two over something at a common friend’s birthday party, and in the same sequence, the young boy was beaten. It has no link to Uttar Pradesh police beating the young man over caste. Kanpur police said that the claims about police involvement are misleading and baseless. 


The Kanpur police involvement in beating the young brahmin boy is misleading and baseless; he was actually beaten by the person he already knew. 

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