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Didier Drogba denied his religious conversion


Breaking;Chelsea and premier league legend Didier Drogba has just converted to a Muslim

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It was viral on social media about Drogba converting to Islam. Didier Drogba is a former Chelsea FC and Ivoirian football player. The viral posts claiming that Didier Drogba converted to Islam can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

Didier Drogba posted on his social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter that he has not changed his religion and the photos were of him paying respect to his Muslim brothers in his village.

He also posted on his Facebook page on November 7, 2022, about his visit to the village with a few photos. He captioned the post, “Thank you to the Ivorian Youth of Guiberoua for organizing a tournament in favour of social cohesion, on Friday, November 4, 2022. Together with my brother and friend the honorable Doctor @meiteaboulaye I paid an emotional visit to our respective families in Niaprahio and Guiberoua. Thanks to the Minister in for her involvement in favor of social cohesion Belmonde Dogo Officiel this beautiful region of Ivory Coast”.

His denial of religious conversion was also on the news channels. Still, a few social media users seem to believe the claim to be true and are commenting and sharing posts about it.


Photos of Didier Drogba visiting Muslim brothers at his village are shared with false claims that he was converted to Islam.

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