Digitally altered video of a Robot playing Table Tennis is viral.


Imagine the robot loses one time and we end up living the real life terminator

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A 13-second video purportedly showing a robot playing table tennis with a human and winning the match is being circulated. The video is being shared in a context that it is real. Some of the other posts with the video can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is digitally altered by adding a robot to a video of an original match between two humans. A Youtube page ‘Table Tennis Daily’ uploaded the original video in March 2023 with the title ‘The best table tennis shot of 2023’.

This video does not show a robot playing against the human. But we found the video carrying matching visuals from the viral video. Both the videos look the same except that the human is replaced with a robot.

Another 24-second video on the ‘Jan Valenta – Table Tennis’ Youtube channel shows matching visuals from the viral video but with no robot in it. The video title mentions ‘Yang Wang’s insane defense skills’ in it.

We found a Facebook post dated March 23 by ‘Slova Table Tennis Association’ carrying the original video mentioning it as the final performance of Slovakia and Czech Republic Table Tennis players Wang Yang and Pavel Sirucek respectively in the qualification of European Team Championships in Sweden. Wand Yang won three matches against Pavel Sirucek. The same is seen mentioned on the website of the European Table Tennis Union.

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It is found that a video of a table tennis match between Wang Yang and Pavel Sirucek is digitally altered by replacing Wang Yang with a robot and is being circulated.

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