The photo of K. Veeramani being carried on a pallakku ?




The ban imposed by the Tamil Nadu government on the practice of carrying Dharmapuram Aadhinam by disciples and devotees on a pallakku has received various condemnations so far.
In this situation, a photo is going viral on social media as to whether Dravidian leader Veeramani, who opposed the lifting of Aadhinam on pallakku, can be carried on the same.

What is the truth?

At the end of May, the Dravida Kazhagam protested against the practice of lifting Aadhinam on pallakku at the ‘pattina pravesam’ event on behalf of Dharmapura Aadhinam in Mayiladuthurai district and they have also filed a petition with the District Collector against it. Following this, they banned the event citing law and order problems. This caused outrage in Tamil Nadu politics.

The Dravida Kazhagam has been staging a protest against the practice of lifting pallakku in Aadhinams of Tamil Nadu. This time the Tamil Nadu government banned Dharmapura Aadhinam from going in pallakku during the ‘pattina pravesam’ event.

A photo of Dravida Kazhagam leader K. Veeramani going on pallakku has been criticized and shared on social media. But in this photo, K. Veeramani is on a chariot, but not on a pallakku.


This photo was taken while carrying K. Veeramani in a horse-drawn chariot during the parade of Dravidian students at the 2018 Dravida Students’ State Conference in Kumbakonam.

Many, including members of the Dravida Kazhagam, suggested at the Dharmapura Aadhinam ‘pattina pravesam’ event that people could be taken in motorized vehicles instead of being carried by humans.

Relating to the Dharmapura Aadhinam pallakku issue, photographs taken before 1978 showing the Pope being carried on the pallakku have also been shared with misinformation.


In our search, the viral photo of K. Veeramani, the leader of the Dravidian Kazhagam, claimed to be carried on a pallakku was false. It can be identified as a horse-drawn chariot and not a pallaku.

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