Is it true that bus fares will go up from May 18 ?


Bus fares will go up from May 18. Suburban Ordinary Bus (10 km) from Rs. 5 to Rs. 6, Suburban Non-stop Bus (30 km) from Rs. 18 to Rs. 27, Modern Luxury Bus (30 km) from Rs.24 to Rs.33, Express Bus (30km) from Rs.17 to Rs.24, AC Bus (30km) from Rs.27 to Rs.42, Volvo Bus (30km) from Rs.33 to Rs.51.

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The opposition party leader Edappadi Palanisamy when speaking in Salem said, “As the Tamil Nadu government has no plans to raise funds, bus fares will soon go up and electricity tariffs will go up”.

Minister of Municipal Development, KN Nehru said, “Transport corporations have been severely affected by the rise in fuel prices. However, CM will decide on the bus fares hike without affecting people largely”.

Minister KN Nehru’s speech soon created a situation where bus fares will be increased in Tamil Nadu. In this context, the news that the DMK-led Tamil Nadu government has increased bus fares and the details of the new bus fares coming into effect from May 18 have gone viral on social media.

What is the truth?

There are no announcements from the government or the media that the Tamil Nadu government has increased bus fares. The Motor Vikatan News Card is featured in the spread news. While searching for it, Motor Vikatan did not publish such news recently.

So, while searching for the details of the fare that went viral, it came to light that news was released by Puthiya Thalaimurai regarding the bus fare details raised by the government in the AIADMK regime in 2018.

In a statement issued by the Tamil Nadu Transport Department on January 19, 2018, the details of the increase in fares of government buses in Tamil Nadu were announced. They are taking the old news about the increase in bus fares and sharing it as tariffs raised in May 2022.


In our search, Minister KN Nehru had said that the Chief Minister would decide on raising transport fares without affecting the people.

However, the first fare hike on May 18 is rumoured to be an increased bus fare. Those tariff details can be traced back to the tariff details raised during the AIADMK regime in 2018.

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