This article is from Mar 17, 2021

The Muslim League flag in the DMK campaign is rumored to be the Pakistan flag!


Pakistan flag on DMK campaign vehicle.

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Ajay Krishna has shared this photo on his Facebook page claiming that the flag of the Muslim League party in the campaign vehicle of the DMK Party, which is campaigning for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, is the flag of Pakistan.

Examining his Facebook page, he was able to identify himself as a supporter of the RSS and the BJP. It was not the flag of Pakistan but the flag of the Muslim League party. Also, we could see that many people were commenting on what he said.

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) party won 3 seats in the DMK alliance for the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. There are differences between the flag of the Muslim League parties in India and the flag of Pakistan.

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If the green flag has a moon and a star on it, they spread it on social media as the Pakistan flag. There are many such rumours circulating in India and we are posting about them.

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Archive link 

Searching for the viral photo, he said, “The party’s successful candidate VG Rajendran who started his campaign in Narasingapuram in Kadambathur Western Union today. V. G. Rajendran MLA. He discussed the matter with the public and asked for his opinion, ”the photo was posted on the Twitter page of Tiruvallur DMK MLA VG Rajendran. The official Twitter page of Tiruvallur DMK has also shared this post.


In our search, Thiruvalluvar constituency DMK MLAs are hanging the flags of the alliance parties on the front of their campaign vehicle. It also features the flag of the Indian Union Muslim League where it is rumoured to be the flag of Pakistan.

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