A rumour is being spread that the drainage constructed during the DMK regime has collapsed!


The plight of the existing rainwater drainage under the Vidiyal aatchi in Chennai.



A shocking video of a man walking on concrete rainwater drainage which collapsed seconds later he crossed is viral on social media claiming that it happened in Chennai.

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What is the truth?

When a man arrives at a roadside shop, he is shocked to see the concrete drainage there collapsing. Even if he is a second or even a step late, he too would have fallen into the drainage and been seriously injured. This CCTV video was even published in the news. However, it is not mentioned anywhere that it happened in Tamil Nadu.

While searching for this, the news about the viral video is published on the Zee Telugu website. However, it did not specify where the incident took place. Also, the YouTube channel called TV9 Telugu Digital has released this video.

On further search, Polimer published this video as news saying, “A young man’s ‘reaction’ of shock when concrete collapsed while walking in Andhra Pradesh is going viral on the internet”.

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It is rumoured that the viral CCTV footage reported in the news as having happened in Andhra Pradesh had happened in Tamil Nadu during the DMK rule.


It is rumoured that the video circulating is about the plight of the rainwater drainage work under DMK rule in Chennai. It can be known as an incident that happened in Andhra Pradesh.

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