Fake news in the name of Junior Vikatan that Dharmapuri MP robbed Vanniyar Sangam assets!


Assets worth Rs 30 crore of Dharmapuri Vanniyar Sangam are robbed by DMK MP Senthilkumar Family

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The family of DMK MP Dr Senthilkumar from Dharmapuri constituency is claimed to be featured in the Junior Vikatan magazine that they robbed the Vanniyar Sangam assets of Rs 30 crore, which is why the case is filed against Junior Vikatan, is being shared on social media.

What is the truth?

The cover page has been circulating on social media since 2019, as Jr. Vikatan posted about the Dharmapuri MP. But it does not mention the date as Jr. Vikatan’s weekly magazine. Moreover, the news and photo are edited by Photoshop.

In 2021, “The cover page that is being spread on social media like the one featured in Junior Vikatan is fake. Anyone who spreads this in the name of Junior Vikatan will be prosecuted according to the law”, Vikatan tweeted.

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Currently, DMK MP Senthilkumar has commented to the post on Twitter, “Comrade, legal action can be taken against you for posting false information with Photoshop image”, along with the photo of the person who shared the claim.

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The news that spread in the name of Junior Vikatan that the Dharmapuri DMK MP had robbed the Vanniyar Sangam assets worth Rs 30 crore was fake.

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