Viral image falsely claims the road was laid in the DMK regime !


The road was laid in the DMK regime.

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A video of a road laid on a mud path that seems to be laid only in the mid of the path where both of its ends remain with sand and stones is going viral on social media.

What is the truth?

In the recent few days, the DMK regime has been criticized for the incidents of contractors in Vellore and other areas building roads recklessly on bike stands and water pipes. Similarly, there are various allegations that the roads being built in some places are of such poor quality that they are broken by hand.

However, the viral photo is the one that has gone viral on social media for the last few years. When searching for this image, this video was also posted by a person from Poland on Twitter.

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In December 2020, a meme was posted on a Facebook page using the same image. This road picture is being used a lot for trolling and making memes.

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The image being circulated as a road built during the DMK regime is incorrect. DMK came to power in the year 2021 and the picture has gone viral on social media since 2020. Also, people from other countries have also posted this picture.

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