Dinathanthi misreports that the DMK minister gave away 1,154 bicycles spending Rs. 6.5 crores !


In Namakkal district, 1,154 students were given free bicycles worth Rs 6½ crore by Minister Mathiventhan. Then the cost of a bicycle given to a student is Rs.56325.

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Dinathanthi reports on August 23, that Minister of Tourism, Mathiventhan distributed free bicycles worth Rs 6.5 crore to 1,154 school students in Namakkal district.

As per the news, the price of 1154 bicycles is Rs 6.5 crore. Then the price per bicycle is Rs. 56,325. This is being shared by BJP supporters on social media.

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What is the truth?

When searching for the news published by Dinathanthi on the Twitter account of Minister Mathiventhan, he tweeted on August 23 that students of Namakkal Government Girls Higher Secondary School were given free bicycles.

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Then on the 25th, bicycles were given to the students of government schools of Puduchataram, Singalandapuram, Vadugam and Athanur Udupatthan Puthur under the Namakkal Assembly Constituency.

About the Minister’s program, on the 25th, ‘The Hindu’ newspaper published news titled “Minister distributes free bicycles to students in Namakkal”. It is mentioned that bicycles worth Rs.23.03 lakhs were given to 452 students in Puduchataram, Singalandapuram, Vadugam and Pattanam schools. According to this estimate, the cost of a bicycle is Rs.5,095.

Regarding the bicycles provided in Namakkal district, the Dinamani news website has published news titled “Minister M. Mathiventhan distributed Free bicycles to 12,969 students”. “6,385 male and 6,584 female students studying in 90 government higher secondary schools have been provided with free bicycles.

The price of a bicycle provided to male students is Rs.5,175 and the price of a bicycle for female students is Rs.4,992. According to this, the value of 12,969 bicycles given in Namakkal district is Rs.6,59,09,703 (3,30,42,375 + 3,28,67,328). The total value is Rs 6.59 crore”, mentioned Dinamani news.

Earlier, on July 25, 2022, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu started distribution of bicycles to 6.35 lakh school students at a cost of Rs 323 crore, according to The New Indian Express’s Edex live website article titled “TN begins distribution of bicycles to 6.35 lakh Class 11 students, spends Rs 323 Cr“. Based on this estimate, the cost of a bicycle is Rs.5,086.


The news that 1,154 students in Namakkal district were given free bicycles worth Rs 6.5 crore was wrong. It is known that the value of the bicycle given to 12,969 students in Namakkal district is Rs 6.5 crore.

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