Was it a DMK member who attacked the government bus driver in Madurai?


In the dispute of overtaking the Madurai-Tirupur government bus, the DMK member in the luxury car cuts the hand of the bus driver.

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A 2-minute video claiming that a DMK member driving a luxury car cuts off the hand of the government bus driver in a dispute of overtaking the bus travelling from Madurai to Tirupur is viral on social media.

BJP and ADMK supporters shared the claim video condemning the DMK member for cutting the government bus driver’s hand. We were asked to check the authenticity of the claim video by our followers.

What is the Truth?

“When the government bus travelling from Arapalayam, Madurai to Tirupur reached Kaalavasal, a car behind the bus tried to overtake it. The car driver could not overtake the bus as it is a narrow road and due to traffic. It looks like the bus has scratched the car. The car driver Suresh stops the bus near a place named ‘Mudakku Saalai’ and got into an argument with the bus driver Muthukrishnan. He also broke the glass window of the bus with an iron rod and attacked the bus driver too with the same rod. The bus driver’s right hand was injured and started bleeding.

The drivers of the government buses that followed behind demanded the arrest of the car driver. SS Colony police have filed a complaint and traced the car driver with the help of the car registration number from the CCTV footage. The police have arrested Suresh from Poovandhi, Sivagangai”, as per the news articles.

Social media users belonging to political parties claim that the car driver who cut off the government bus driver’s hand is from the DMK party. But none of the news articles has mentioned the political stand of the car driver.

Additionally, the car does not have any identifications related to any political party when we view the viral video closely.

When we reached Commissioner of Madurai, Prem Anand Sinha, IPS, “The claim is fake. We have arrested the car driver who attacked the bus driver”, he told.


The police department has denied the claim mentioning it as fake. No evidence is obtained to prove that the car driver who attacked the bus driver of the Madurai-Tirupur government bus belongs to the DMK party.

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