Does Rahul Gandhi own a house? What his affidavit says?

Amit Malviya claims that according to Rahul’s affidavit, he owns a house along with a commercial building.


Rahul Gandhi must have very low opinion of Congress workers to lie with a straight face…

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Recently, Rahul Gandhi said he does not own a house. Indian National Congress’ All India Congress Committee’s 85th Plenary Session was held in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The event was hyped up as it is first such event to take place after the Bharat Jodo Yatra and Rahul Gandhi was expected to announce the second edition of the yatra. A video purportedly from the event is shared by BJP’s IT Wing Head Amit Malviya along with a text which said “I don’t own a house” and another half of that video shows some documents where its written “He owns a house and a commercial buildings too”.


What’s the truth?

We did a keyword search and found the video on Rahul Gandhi’s official YouTube channel. Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech in AICC 85th Plenary Session and it was live streamed on his YouTube page.

In the 15th minute of the video, Rahul Gandhi explains that when he was around 6 years old, they had to leave the house that he was staying in, as his grandmother Indira Gandhi had lost elections. He goes on to say that he had no comprehension of elections and government quarters as he was very young, and he believed that the house that they were living in was their own.

It was only when they were about to vacate the house, he learnt that the house was not theirs. He goes on to say that he is 52 years old, but he does not have a house of his own.

Using this line, Amit Malviya had made a tweet in which he insinuated that Rahul Gandhi lied when he said he does not have a house of his own. He purportedly showed Rahul Gandhi’s affidavit filed before 2019 elections.

Since it is a public record, we too accessed it and we found out that Rahul Gandhi owned a commercial property and an agricultural land which is owned jointly by him and his sister Priyanka Gandhi which are combinedly worth several crores.

However, as per the affidavit, he does not own residential property or a house.

In Rahul Gandhi’s speech too, he said he does not have a house of his own. He pointed out his family home in Allahabad but continued to say that it is not his own house. Amit Malviya tweeted that Rahul Gandhi had lied and claimed that Rahul did own a house along with commercial buildings, which are actually office space in a building. Though Rahul owns a commercial property as per Amit Malviya’s tweet, his claim that Rahul Gandhi owns a house is incorrect according to Rahul’s affidavit.

However, Rahul Gandhi’s total movable properties worth was Rs.5.80 crores and immovable properties worth Rs.10.08 crores.

Amit Malviya had spread several such misinformation against Rahul Gandhi in the past. Some of them are listed below.



In our search, we find the claim made by Amit Malviya is not entirely true.  Although Rahul’s affidavit indicate the ownership of commercial building and agricultural land, it says Rahul Gandhi does not own a house.

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