Does the ladder walk by science or ghosts? Read more


Jharkhand High Court Building, Ranchi. Ladder is walking automatically. There are only two possible reasons :

(1.) #Ramsay_Brothers

(2.) #RamGopalVerma

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In the above Facebook post shared with a video we were able to see a ladder made of wooden sticks moving by itself from one place to other. In the video at the right corner a ghost emoji was also included by the user.

The video carries the message stating that, the place is Jharkhand High Court located at Ranchi and it also added the message that a ladder is walking automatically along with hashtags and more emojis. The same video is spread on social media by others which can be seen here, here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this scary claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using relevant keywords, we found out more reports were published by different journals like Bollywood Wallah and Ground Report regarding this “Walking Ladder” claim from various people with different localities. When we read those articles, we found out the science behind this “Walking Ladder” concept. Yes, this ladder is moving by itself  but not due to any paranormal activity rather by the theory of “Passive Dynamic Walking.”

Interestingly, earlier this video was also linked to a hospital from Uttarkhand with similar claims as the ladder is moving and people are in panic. However, we got an article published by News18 Hindi where we were able to see the in-charge of the hospital, Dr. Amit Kumar Singh being interviewed and he denied clearly saying that those videos are not from their hospital because the sign board seen in those videos are in red colour whereas, in their hospital, all sign boards are in blue colour.

Likewise, we also got a report from TimesofIndia with similar claims titled, “Normal or paranormal? The big question in Jharkhand high court” because the advocates’ association held a multi-faith worship in the complex of the court saying that, these are rituals while they move into a new place.

Subsequently, there’s no ghost involved in the moving ladder video – it’s actually science at play. It’s called “passive dynamic walk” in the world of science.

What is Passive Dynamic Walking?

When you give an object a little push on a sloping surface, it keeps moving on its own without needing more pushes. This happens because of Newton’s Inertia Law. Passive dynamic walking is a promising concept for the design of efficient, natural two-legged walking robots. Research on this topic requires an initial point of departure; a stability analysis can be executed only after the first successful walking motion has been found.

The term and its principles were developed by Tad McGeer in the late 1980s. According to his paper he has explored the field and showed that a human-like frame can walk itself down a slope without requiring muscles or motors.

Unlike traditional robots, which expend energy by using motors to control every motion, McGeer’s early passive-dynamic machines relied only on gravity and the natural swinging of their limbs to move forward down a slope.

Also, we found a lot of videos on internet demonstrating the passive dynamic walk which can seen here, here and here.

Thus, this clearly proves that the moving ladder by itself is not by any paranormal activity or ghosts rather its purely a concept of science namely “Passive dynamic walk.”


Therefore, we conclude through our investigation and evidence that the ladder walking by itself is due to science and not by ghosts. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the exact location from where the video was taken, but once we get a proof we will update it in the article.

To sum up, devices using no power source are considered “passive,” and their behavior is fully described by their passive dynamics and not by any paranormal activity.

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