An old video of domestic abuse in a Muslim family is shared as love jihad


Watch what happens to a Hindu girl after love jihad

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Several videos of women being assaulted by men are doing rounds on the internet claiming that Hindu women are being assaulted by Muslim men after love jihad. These social media posts are viral after the ‘Shraddha murder case’. One such video where the man hits the woman is viral now. This video has text that reads ‘What a psycho he is, Mohammad Mushtaq GK, who works in an IT company in Bangalore’ in it. Some of the posts with the viral video can be seen here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, it is found that it is not only old but also known that the girl in it is not a Hindu. An Instagram post on ‘Ted the Stoner’ page dated 3, October 2022 mentions a letter to Karnataka CM urging action against the man in the video. This letter along with the video clip was posted by Swati Maliwal tagging the ‘Ted the Stoner’ page.

When checking Swati Maliwal’s page, it is found that she also posted the viral video with the hashtags ‘domestic abuse’ and ‘justice for Aisha’ on the same date.

With further search, a news article dated 3, October 2022 was found on ‘Ish News’ with the viral video in it. The article titled ‘Child copies father and beats the mother’ mentions that the social media influencer Jitendra Sharma (Ted the Stoner) identified the victim woman as Aisha and the abusive man in the video as Mohammad Mushtaq GK and said “he worked for some IT company in Bangalore”.

The viral video of the couple Ayesha and Mohammad Mushtaq GK is said to have been captured in 2015. It is also mentioned in the same article that the couple is divorced now.

It is said that they were already separated and the man has remarried and has a daughter with second wife. News 18 article dated 28, December 2021 about the judgement of their case mentions “A Muslim wife can retain the exclusive custody of her minor child when she can stay away from her matrimonial house on the grounds of her husband’s second marriage, said Justice Krishna S Dixit in the judgement for the Muslim family”.


It is found that an old video of domestic abuse in a Muslim family where the couple belongs to the same religion is shared with a false claim that a Muslim man is assaulting a Hindu woman after love jihad.

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