Dressing room left dirty by the Italy football team in March is shared as Japan after its recent loss


Japan’s dressing room after the Costa Rica match.

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Ever since the start of the FIFA World Cup, the Japanese seem to set an example to fans from other countries in terms of cleanliness. Fans from Japan post football match clean the stands at the stadium picking up the litter in blue trash bags. Photos and videos of them cleaning the stadium went viral. They continue to clean the stadium even after their team lost to Costa Rica. Meanwhile, several images are shared on social media claiming the state of the dressing room of Japan football team post their match with Costa Rica which ended with a loss. One image shared with such a claim is viral and can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When the viral image is searched with Google lens, it yielded three results mentioning Italy in the title.

The first link redirected to an Italian website ‘Corriere dello Sport’ with an article dated 26, March 2022, carrying a video from which the viral image is clipped. It is mentioned as the state of changing rooms of team Italy post their loss to North Macedonia.

When searching with the keywords from the gathered information from the above page, the ‘Mirror’ article titled ‘Leonardo Bonucci apologises for state of Italy changing room with cigarette butts found’ dated 29, March 2022 is found carrying the viral image. The article reported the image as the state in which Italy left the Palermo dressing room in Italy following their catastrophic World Cup play-off defeat to North Macedonia.


An image of the dressing room left dirty by Italian football players in March 2022 following their defeat with North Macedonia in World Cup play-off is shared with false claims that the Japan team left the dressing room dirty post their loss with Costa Rica in FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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