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Rumour spread that the Government will provide Rs.1000 relief to motorists!


Notice to Drivers who holding a badge with Driving License. The Government of Tamil Nadu is to provide a relief amount of Rs.1000 to all motorists



A poster announcing that the Tamil Nadu government will provide Rs.1000 as a relief to motorists has been circulating on social networking sites including WhatsApp. Readers are also asked us about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

When we searched about the rumoured news, 2020 March news released on Dailythanthi news says, “The auto workers who all are in the Building workers and the Driver Welfare Board a special package of Rs 1,000th and 15 kg of rice, a kilo of pulses, one kg of cooking oil will be declared,”

However, there has been no new announcement or recent news says that Rs.1000 relief will be given to motorists. In this connection, when we contacted one of a driver, he informed that no such relief announcement had been released.

The same announcement was posted on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Drivers and Workers’ Welfare Association, which states that the circulated on social media as false news.

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On the TNDWWA Twitter page, “Corona relief fund news coming on social websites on behalf of the association is false fake news! We deeply regret the inconvenience. ”


In our search, the information spread that the Government of Tamil Nadu is to provide a relief amount of Rs.1000 to all motorists is fake news.


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