This article is from Jan 04, 2021

Fake News card spreading that Ramadoss felt bad regarding PMK!


Ramadas felt bad in PMK crowd!

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The news card of the Sun News has been shared on social media that Dr. Ramdoss, the founder of the PMK Party, was felt bad by the above words at the party’s meeting.

Looking at this, it is clear that people those who with the opposite policies are editing this to make fun on Ramdoss.

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They have edited the news card that Ramadoss feel painfully at the PMK meeting on December 31st through Photoshop.


In the past, Ramdoss had said that there was no alliance with the DMK and AIADMK. However, since the 2019 parliamentary elections, the AIADMK has been facing an alliance with the AIADMK. With this, Ramadas has repeatedly teased them on social media.

Similarly, in the news about Ramadoss, they are spreading Photoshop with political motives.

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