Drunken driving deaths in Chennai rank first. The Times of India publishes a false report.


Shocking information has been released as Chennai ranks number one in deaths caused by drunken driving.

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“Among the major cities in India, Chennai ranks the number one in deaths due to drunken driving, as it comes out as the most shocking information. Although cities like Bangalore and Mumbai have more liquor shops and bars, the number of drunken driving fatalities is lower than in Chennai.

Even though there are 900 liquor shops in Bengaluru, 19 people have died in drunken driving accidents in one year. Statistics show that six people died in Mumbai, which has 1200 liquor shops, and only one in Delhi, which has 600 liquor shops. In comparison to this, in Chennai, where there are 800 Tasmac shops, the number of people who died due to drunken driving is 44 in one year”, News 18 Tamil Nadu reported.

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In an article published by the Times of India on June 9, Chennai has been mentioned as the number one city in India for deaths caused by drunken drivers.

What is the truth?

A search for alcohol-related accidents and fatalities in India resulted in a report on road accidents in India in 2021 published by the Union Ministry of road transport and Highways on December 6, 2022.

According to the data released by the Union Ministry, Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur has the highest number of alcohol-related accidents in India with 977 accidents. It is followed by Allahabad (Prayagraj) in Uttar Pradesh state with 224, Chennai in Tamil Nadu with 142, Meerut in Uttar Pradesh state with 114, Kolkatta in West Bengal with 55, and Bangalore in Karnataka with 54.

Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad (Prayagraj) tops the city-wise list with 106 deaths due to alcohol-related vehicle accidents. Next, Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut (61), Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur (44), Chennai (44), and Varanasi (33) are in line.

Similarly, looking at the number of drunken driving accidents statewise, Uttar Pradesh (2,346), Madhya Pradesh (2,065), Telangana (1,487), Assam (677) and Tamil Nadu (336) are in the top 5 places.

In terms of state-wise number of deaths, Uttar Pradesh (1,284), Telangana (339), Madhya Pradesh (332), Assam (318), and Jharkhand (223) are the top 5. In this, Tamil Nadu (95) is in the 8th position.

The report issued by the Union Ministry is related to the accidents that occurred throughout the year 2021. It is noteworthy that the DMK government came to power in May 2021.

Conclusion :

Therefore, from our search, News 18 Tamil Nadu, Times of India falsely reported that Chennai is the number one cause of death due to drunken driving in India. According to Union Ministry data, Allahabad (Prayagraj) in Uttar Pradesh tops the list of cities that cause deaths due to drunken driving with 106 deaths.

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