Dubai ad showing a delivery man flying is done by VFX and professionals!

The video doesn't show real delivery whereas it's shot for advertising purposes


In Dubai

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Ordering food on their phones and having it delivered right away is more convenient for many city dwellers than traveling to the restaurant. Many commercial businesses are in operation to carry out these delivery tasks.

In India, bikes are used for the delivery of commodities. However, there is a video circulating on social media that claims that in Dubai goods are being delivered using a drone and a jetpack.

Here a man is seen flying with a delivery bag on his back in the 32-second clip. In addition, he delivers a few items to a person before taking off in the air to provide other items. You can view this post here and here, also shared in 2023.

One can view a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

The watermark of the Instagram page ‘@spacebook07’ is visible in the widely shared video. This video, however, was uploaded on April 29. A startling remark of “flying delivery boy in UAE” appears in the post.

The yellow bag that the jet pack is flying in at the start of the video has the name “noon minutes” on it. It turned out to be a product sales company when we searched for it by name.


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In November 2023, this advertisement was uploaded to their Instagram page. Furthermore, Noon Minutes states that this video was “performed by professionals or supervised by professionals” on their TikTok profile. They also added that “Do not attempt” warning to the post. The propagator wearing the jetpack usually have the control in his hands. However, the delivery person does not have this kind of control in the Noon video. He is holding a bag bearing the name of the company.

Next, on September 22, 2022, a series of videos featuring a jet pack landing in front of the house and a delivery on top of the building were uploaded to the X page under the name “HungerStation.” It displays videos produced using visual effects.

All of the aforementioned information makes it clear that the video, which was shot for an advertisement, is being erroneously shared on social media which appears to be real using jet pack for delivery.


We, therefore, conclude that professional artists executed portions of the viral film featuring a man carrying food by air, with certain elements created using visual effects. In addition, the film is staged for commercials and doesn’t depict actual delivery.

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Indu Meenakshi

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