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Was the video of the EB employee removing the branch on the power line taken during the Nivar storm?


Congratulations to the TNEB employee, the man who did the duty even though he was not safe.

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The video went viral on social media and on social media as a video of an electrician risking his life to remove a tree branch trapped in a power pole during Hurricane Nivar. The video was shared by social media users as it was taken in Tamil Nadu and is being shared on Twitter congratulating the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board employee.

However, the leading media reported that he was an electrical worker who risked his life in Pondicherry to remove a tree branch stuck in a power line. Puducherry Chief Minister Narayanasamy is also reported to have congratulated the staff.

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According to Polymer News, the video was released on behalf of the Puducherry Electricity Board and Chief Minister Narayanasamy praised it. However, this video was not taken in Puducherry or during the Nivar storm.

Fact Check:

While taking a screenshot from the video of a tree removal worker walking on a power line in a dangerous condition and doing a reverse image search, on June 4, 2020, the same polymer news was reported to have occurred in Telangana.

Power supply to Nizampur in Telangana was cut off due to a tree branch falling between power lines. Knowing this, Noor, an employee of the EB, grabbed the power lines several feet high and crawled to hang in the gap. He removed the tree branch without any safety equipment and then crawled to the ground risking his life as well. Following the release of this video, many admirers have been criticizing the EB for not providing basic facilities. ”


The video has been released on June 1, 2020 in the Telugu news channel ETV Telangana. They have also posted a photo of Noor removing a tree branch from a power line in a dangerous condition. Not only Telugu news but also English news including Daily Mail has published news about the video of Telangana Electricity employee.

The scenes coming from the beginning to the end let us know that the two videos are the same. The bird that comes in the 10th second at the beginning of the video and the tree that is near when it finally descends from the electric pole in the video are together.

In situations such as storms and rain, electrical personnel and rescue crews from all walks of life receive praise when they go down to the field and do their work. But, sometimes old and misleading videos also spread on social websites and media.

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Earlier, Tamil Nadu’s leading media outlets had posted a viral video on social media claiming that only the Natarajar statue in the pavilion at the Chidambaram Natarajar temple had received rain. But, it is noteworthy that we had published the article with video evidence of rain everywhere.


In our search, we came to know that the video which was published in the media on social networking sites as an electrical worker who dangerously removed a tree branch from a power pole in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry during the Nivar storm was taken in the state of Telangana a few months ago.

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