Edited image of Dhoni shared to claim that he touches Sachin’s feet.


This is the culture of India, Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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An image showing Sachin and Dhoni in a frame where Dhoni is seen touching the feet of Sachin is widely shared on Twitter and Facebook. This image is shared mentioning that it is the culture of India. Some of the posts with the image can be seen here, here and here. The caption in the posts read as “येभारत के संस्कार है, जय हिन्द जय भारत”. This image is also being spread in Youtube.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral image it is found that the image is edited. The reverse search resulted in a tweet by the verified Twitter handle of Indian Premier League (IPL) dated 8, April 2023 with the caption “2 Legends. 1 Frame”.


With further search, News 18 article dated 8, April 2023 is found carrying the original image. The article is titled “IPL 2023: MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar Have a Chat Ahead of MI vs CSK Toss”. It is mentioned that Sachin Tendulkar walked up to MS Dhoni as the legends shared a moment looking at the pitch and having a laugh. There is no mention of Dhoni touching Sachin’s feet in the article.

In the original image, it can be seen that both Sachin and Dhoni are standing on the ground. The image of Dhoni in this photo is photoshopped and is being shared to claim that Dhoni touches Sachin’s feet which portrays India’s culture.

Other instances where edited images were shared are fact checked and articles on it are published by Youturn. Links for those articles can be seen below.

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It is found that a photoshopped image of Dhoni is shared to claim that he touches Sachin’s feet mentioning that it is the culture of India.

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