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Edited video of Rahul Gandhi is shared to ridicule him, again.

Yet another old video of Rahul Gandhi, from his 2020 Delhi Election rally, is edited to make him look inarticulate.


Can anyone tell?

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A video of Rahul Gandhi is shared on social media by Political analyst Dr.Syed Rizwan Ahmed which has been retweeted over 1000 times. Many others have also tweeted the video with some captions ridiculing Rahul Gandhi. See here, here, here and here. In the video, Rahul Gandhi can be heard asking why there are eagles flying here and then saying that they were jobless for 5 years because of Narendra Modi, RSS and BJP. Although there were several cuts and edits made for comical effect, a question remains if Rahul Gandhi really spoke like that in the video.

What’s the truth?

The original & full version of the video can be found in Indian National Congress’ official YouTube page. The video was published on 5th February 2020, days before the Delhi Assembly Election.


From the video, we can see that the video shared in social media has been severely edited. Several unrelated portions are cut and joined together to make the edited video.

The time stamps of the cut portions from the full video is given below.

  • 3:17 to 3:34
  • 2:22 to 2:29
  • 9:43 to 9:55

Rahul Gandhi’s statements from several portions of the video is cut without their context and joined together to make him look comical. Similar attempts have been made several times in the past as well. YouTurn had fact-checked them earlier too. Some of the links are given below.

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In our search, we found that the viral video of Rahul Gandhi is edited to mislead people.

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