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Discrimination in electricity charges for temples, churches and mosques? Rs 8 per unit for temples and Rs 2.85 for churches and mosques?


Electricity charges for temples cost Rs 8 per unit and for churches and mosques, it is Rs 2.85 per unit. Is this secularism? Why this discrimination??




A piece of information is viral on Facebook and WhatsApp groups for a long time that electricity in Hindu temples is charged at Rs 8 per unit and Rs 2.85 per unit in churches and mosques. We are constantly being asked to comment on the authenticity of this information by our followers.

Electricity connection and electricity usage charges are managed under the respective departments of the State Government. The details of fees charged for residences, places of worship, institutions, etc. in Tamil Nadu, including the subsidy given per unit, can be taken as an example.

In the document released by TANGEDCO in 2017, “Determination of Tariff for Generation and Distribution”, the term “Places of public worship” is commonly used. Places of worship, including temples, mosques and churches, are classified under “Places of Public Worship”.

The unit of electricity and tariff offered to them are the same. However, there is a change in the government subsidy based on the power supply system used in such places of worship.

According to the announcement made by TNERC in 2017 as “Revised Tariff rates with effect from 11.08.2017 Approved rate and payable by the Consumer” the places of worship with “High Tension supply” are quoted at Rs.6.35 per unit. The same is to be paid after subsidy too.

The TNERC charges Rs. 5.75 per unit for the use of 0-120 units of electricity for places of worship in the category of “Low tension supply” and the amount to be paid after subsidy is Rs. 2.85 per unit. Of this, if the usage exceeds 120 units, the user will have to pay Rs. 5.75 per unit after subsidy.

In September 2018, the Indian Express reported, “The Uttar Pradesh Power Minister, Srikant Sharma has announced that all places of worship will be charged domestic power rates. Thus, all places of worship, including temples, churches and mosques will avail of the benefit”.

Tariff levels may vary from state to state. We have given the example of the fee details given to the places of worship in Tamil Nadu. Nowhere is it mentioned that there is a separate charge for temples, mosques and churches. It is commonly mentioned as places of worship. However, the subsidy and tariffs vary according to the power supply methods and quantities used in places of worship.

For further information, we tried reaching the Chennai Head Office of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board on behalf of Youturn. But, couldn’t connect them. We will update the details later if we get information from the Ministry.

The claim that the electricity is charged at Rs. 8 per unit for temples and that of the churches and mosques at Rs. 2.85 per unit is false. We expect you to not share false information.

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